Why study philosophy?

by Stephen Law


Spring 2013

In the Spring 2013 issue of Think, Editor Dr. Stephen Law explains why choosing to study philosophy is a wise career move.

Philosophy is fascinating, which is one of the best reasons to study anything. But there are other good reasons to study philosophy, particularly at university. Here are three.

1. Transferable skills that employers value.

Many degree programmes focus on teaching facts to be memorized (teaching that can soon go out of date). Philosophy, on the other hand, focuses much more developing skills – skills that you will find valuable whatever your chosen path in life. These skills include:

The ability to cut through waffle

The ability to spot errors in reasoning

The ability to make a point with clarity and precision

The ability to analyze complex issues and arguments

The ability to think independently and creatively (to ‘think out of the box’)

The ability to build a strong, rigorous case.

Philosophy develops an approach to thinking and problem solving that employers value – particularly when it comes to the most interesting and rewarding careers.


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